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Reston Virginia

Winter Weather

Winter Weather Policies & Procedures

The Hamlet contracts with our landscaping company to provide snow plowing and street treatment services during the winter months. When snow, ice or sleet impact the area the contractor  will respond with the appropriate measure to keep our streets safe.

The Hamlet Cluster provides for treatment of streets (parking areas) and snow plowing services. We do not contract for shoveling of sidewalks as it is financially prohibitive. Residents are asked to keep the sidewalk in front of their homes clear.

When icy or freezing conditions are forecast, our contractor will apply treatment to the roadways to keep them passible. The treatment services are at their discretion. When we receive 2″ or more snow accumulation in the Reston area, the contractor will plow our streets during or after the storm.

Residents may not shovel snow into visitor spaces or into the street! Homeowners will be assessed the cost of a private contractor to remove snow shoveled into visitor spaces or for additional fees incurred when snow is shoveled into the street!

Before It Snows

Depending on the forecast we may elect to have the roads pre-treated. However, due to the varying effectiveness, temperature requirements and cost of service, pre-treatment will not happen with every winter event.

Snowfall 2″ – 6″

When the Reston area snow accumulation is between 2″ & 6″, the contractor will clear snow from streets within 8 hours after the snowfall ends. Ice control treatment will occur after plowing.

Snowfall 6″ or More

When the Reston area has more than 6″ of snow the contractor will come multiple times to push open the roads,  with an 8 hour window or so between visits. Ice control treatment will occur after plowing.

When It Is Trash Day…

If we experience accumulating snow or significant icing around trash/recycling days, remember there is a chance it won’t be collected. Do not place trash bags out until early morning and if trash isn’t collected please bring it back until the next day. Watch Hamlet email for updates.

When the forecast is for ice, sleet or freezing rain, the contractor may apply a pre-treatment solution if conditions permit and may also return during/after an event to further treat the streets throughout the neighborhood.

The Hamlet does not contract for sidewalk treatment of any type. Please shovel the sidewalk near your house, and help out neighbors who may not be able to shovel their walk or sidewalk.

Residents should NEVER use rock salt or similar products on sidewalks. Use only ice treatment which is labeled safe for concrete. Homeowners may be assessed for damages to Hamlet sidewalks by improper treatment.

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