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Reston Virginia

Cluster Standards

General Information

Hamlet Cluster design standards ensure a consistent and easthetically pleasing neighborhood appearance. When you purchased a home in The Hamlet Cluster, you agreed to maintain your house per these standards per the Reston Association Deed of Trust. See below for details.

From a practical standpoint, before you make any permanent changes to the outside of your house you should first check for compliance with our cluster design standards. This includes, but is not limited to, paint colors, siding choices, roof material, light fixtures, windows and doors.

For official information on standards and to begin your approval process, contact our RA Covenants Advisor:

Cat Castrence
Covenants Advisor
Phone: 703-673-2038 

More information about Reston Covenants


Hamlet Standards

The Hamlet Cluster is in the process of updating almost all standards for our cluster. After 40 years, many of our standards were dated, confusing, and disorganized. We are working with Reston Association on the updates. As new standards are approved by DRB, we will post them here.

Until then, please contact Reston Association if you plan improvements or changes to the outside of your house as anything currently on record applies.

Policy vs. Standard

Hamlet policies are general operating procedures related to daily life in the cluster. These are adopted by the Hamlet Board and do not require Reston DRB approval.

Hamlet Standards are formal requirements for the appearance and maintenance of private property (the “look” of the neighborhood) and require formal approval by the DRB.

The Hamlet is undergoing a review and modernization of many cluster standards. As our standards are updated or reviewed they will be posted here.

Why We Have Enforceable Standards

One of the advantages to owning a Reston home is the Design Covenants included in the Reston Deed of Dedication. When property is purchased, buyers agree to comply with these and other covenants thereby agreeing to maintain the design standard established for Reston. The Hamlet has its own set of standards, approved by the DRB (see below), per this Deed of Dedication.

The Design Covenants along with the Design Guidelines which are established by the Reston Association Design Review Board (DRB) and approved by the Association’s Board of Directors foster and preserve an aesthetic balance among the variety of residential, public use, commercial and recreational properties in the community.


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