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Reston Virginia

Landscaping & Yard Care

The Hamlet Cluster contracts with Yard Enhancement Services (YES) for landscaping services. This includes all common ground maintenance and   care of front and side yards.  See below for details on private yards and opt-out options.

General information about the various contracted services are available here on this page.  While the goal from spring to fall is for mowing & other landscaping maintenance about every 7 days, keep in mind that weather will impact the schedule.

Private Yards

By default, YES will mow and care for homeowner’s yards where grass is present. This includes regular mowing, edging and seasonal turf care. Herbicides and Pesticides are part of our regular services for both common ground and homeowner yards.

While the opt-out deadline for spring has passed, you can still complete the form below. Keep in mind it may take 7-10 business days for YES to receive and process your opt-out request.

Mowing will begin in the spring when the grass begins its growing cycle. Mowing service will continue every 7 days, as needed and weather permitting, throughout the duration of the mowing season. During periods of excessive drought and the transitional fall months, service frequency may be adjusted at our discretion.

Estimated total number of mowing services annually is 28. All mowing equipment will be of modern commercial quality with OCDC (operator-controlled discharge chutes) used to ensure that grass clippings are not blown into inappropriate areas (beds, streets, sidewalks). Trimming with a string line trimmer will be performed during each visit around all bed edges, tree rings, black top asphalt, posts, and any other objects in turf areas. Turf edging will be performed using a straight shaft edger and will include all applicable sidewalks and curbs. Backpack blowers will be used to clear off any clippings that are not contained in the turf areas and to blow out edging from the sidewalks.

All bed areas will be routinely inspected for weeds, or unwanted plant growth and either sprayed with a non-selective herbicide or manually pulled out. All concrete and paved areas within the work site will be regularly inspected and appropriately treated for “crack weeds” or unwanted plant growth growing out of cracks or transitions in the concrete, stone beds, and hardscapes.

1st Application (early-spring): The first of two crabgrass and weed pre-emergent applications with a custom blend of fertilizer to give your turf an initial jump into spring. Any cool weather weeds will be spot treated.

2nd Application (late-spring): The second crabgrass and weed pre-emergent application with fertilizer. This application will apply to all turf areas including any areas reseeded during the first application. Any remaining cool weather weeds or warm weather broadleaf weeds will be spot treated.

3rd Application (mid-summer): Our Summer fertilizer with turf damaging insect control. This application will control surface and sub-surface insects and applied during the time of year to most effectively control turf-damaging grubs. Summer broadleaf weeds and certain “nuisance grasses” such as sedges, crabgrass, goose grass, and Japanese stilt grass, will be spot treated.

4th Application (late-fall): Winter fertilizer application. A time-released fertilizer high in nitrogen is applied. Any emerging cool weather weeds in the turf will be spot treated if daily temperature is above 40 degrees.

NOTE: Certain summer nuisance grasses are more difficult to control than others. Dallis Grass, Bermuda Grass, Poa-Annua, and Poa-Triv require additional specialized applications and based on their turf infiltration recommendations will be made to the client for a control program.

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