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Reston Virginia

Tree Trimming Policy

Trees are among the most challenging and expensive feature of the Hamlet Cluster! The cluster spends much of its budget and time managing the large canopy of trees throughout the neighborhood.  In 2018 we adopted a tree policy to help guide management of the trees and related expenses. Download the tree policy for complete information.

Trees Over Private Property

Homeowners are responsible for trimming tree limbs and branches extending over their property line. The Hamlet Cluster will consider trimming trees or other flora for the following reasons:

  • Branches or limbs which are taller than the roofline and present a danger to life or property as determined by a certified arborist or board approved tree professional.
  • Branches, limbs or other growth that impedes access to backyards via common ground.

All tree work initiated by the Hamlet Cluster will be conducted under the professional guidance of a certified arborist or tree contractor, in a manner that will preserve common ground trees.

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