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Reston Virginia

Paint and Siding Standards

The Hamlet Cluster has new paint and siding standards effective June 2020. All Hamlet homeowners must follow the guidelines in the standard when updating exterior colors and/or siding.

It is important to note the following:

  • Never select a paint color by matching a neighbor’s house; their paint could be faded or an unapproved color.
  • Always reference the approved color palette and obtain a hard copy from the local Sherwin Williams Paint Store or borrow a palette from TWC Management.
  • Reston Association has legal authority to require compliance.
  • Download the approved paint and siding standard for complete reference.
Sherwin Williams Discount!

Thanks to Reston Association, Hamlet Cluster members can now get a discount at the Sherwin Williams store at 495-A Elden Street in Herndon. Our approved paint palette is also available as a SW color chart. See below for the chart and discount information.

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