Cluster Tree Policies

The Tree Survey

Every three years the Hamlet will hire a certified arborist to review the common ground trees throughout Hamlet Cluster. Trees identified as requiring our attention will be graded based on their condition and the urgency of recommended actions. Each year the Hamlet will work with contractors to address the most serious issued identified by the tree survey.

Trees not listed as a priority on the survey, but which indicate a concern, may be evaluated and removed or trimmed at any time.

 Tree Policy  Tree Survey



Private Property & Tree Limbs/Branches

The Hamlet Cluster generally does not trim branches near homes with the following exceptions:

  1. Branches or limbs which are taller than the roofline and present a danger to life or property as determined by a certified arborist or board approved tree professional.
  2. Branches, limbs or other growth that impedes access to backyards via common ground.
  3. View RA's DRB guidelines for information (this applies to trees on your property)

Fall 2018 Tree Work

Upcoming Projects
Blade Runners will be removing dead and decaying trees per our professional arborist's recommendations in late September and October. This webpage and an associated email serve as notice that the work will be performed pending DRB approval.

Trees in the following general locations will be removed:

  1. Near 2303 Middle Creek. (Chestnut Oak)
  2. Near 2323 Middle Creek (Poplar)
  3. Near 11745 Mossy Creek (Black Locust)
  4. Near Tot Lot (Black Locust)
  5. Near 11704 Briary Branch / 11747 Dry River Ct (Red Oak)
  6. Near 11735, 11733 Dry River (Black Locust)
  7. Near 11713 - 11717 Still Brook (2 Black Lucusts)