Service Update

The Hamlet Board is actively researching both immediate and long term solutions for the current lack of service from Republic.  While you are free to call Republic to inquire about service, please realize that their customer service agents appear to have incorrect information and often provide misleading "facts" regarding service.  The official contact for Hamlet trash service is TWC Management, and they and our board are working on this issue.

Rules and Regulations

The Hamlet Cluster policies cover the storage and placement of trash, recycling and related containers to help maintain property values and sanitary conditions. Key aspects of the policy are:


  1. No trash, cans or bins may be stored in the front or side of homes
  2. Cans & bins left on common ground will be removed without notice
  3. Residents may place trash, recycling and yard debrit out for collection at sundown the night before pickup and no earlier
  4. Cans, bins and other containers must be removed from common ground the morning after pickup
  5. Do NOT place open bags at the curb! If not in a trash can, use heavy duty trash bags which are tightly secured!


View The Full Trash Policy Here

Trash Service

Trash is collected by Republic Trash Service every Monday and Thursday. While they collect most household items, you must call in advance if you are placing larger items such as furniture or appliances to be collected.

Phone: 703-818-8222

Click here for bulk pickup guidelines


Holiday Schedule & Tree Pickup

Thanksgiving Day: NO TRASH or RECYCLING!
Recycling Picked Up Saturday November 30

Christmas and New Years: regular service

Christmas Tree Removal:
Christmas Trees will be serviced on the designated yard waste service day during the 2nd and 3rd week of January.


Recycling Service

Recycling is collected by Republic on Thursdays only. Recyling must be placed separately from trash (please do not put trash and recycling piles near each other). However, recycling is single stream - meaning you do not need to sperate plastics, aluminium, etc.

Please DO NOT place trash and recycling in the same "pile" at the curb! Placing trash near recycling is resulting in both being left behind, and contributing to a growing rodent problem.


Yard Waste

Yard waste, including grass clippings, tree limbs and leaves, are collected on Wednesdays only. Tree branches must be bundled in 4 ft. lengths or less. Grass and leaves must be in bags, preferably bio-degradable bags availabe from local home improvement stores>