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Reston Virginia

Mossy Creek Mailbox


The Hamlet Board has been working to replace the rusted mailbox on Mossy Creek Lane, which unfortunately fell over before it could be replaced. The Hamlet mailboxes are quite old (especially in Phase 1) and we must present a modern mailbox design to Reston’s DRB before investing in new units.

Update 9/24

The Board approved a new mailbox standard and we are proceeding with the process of replacing the downed box. In the meantime we are working to get the existing box temporarily mounted on posts acceptable to the USPS. We are hopeful this will be completed by Monday 9/27.

No Mail Delivery

If you are one of the residents impacted by the downed mailbox, at this time you will likely have to go to the Reston Post Office on Sunset Hills Rd to get your mail. Mail you do not pickup will be delivered when a functioning box is back in place.

The Hamlet has no control over USPS regulations.

What We Are Doing

Today (Thursday) we are working with contractors to try to identify a rapid, temporary repair that will satisfy the USPS. Our Board is meeting tonight to approve a new standard, which then must be approved by Reston’s DRB (Design Review Board).

What Can You Do?

If you are one of the residents whose mail box is in the downed unit, you may want to call the Post Office at 703-689-9874 to inquire about mail delivery in the interim.

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