General Information

The Hamlet contracts with Bladerunners for snow clearing and treatment of streets during inclement weather. Generally speaking there is no action until snow accumulations exceed 2". When conditions warrant, Bladerunners will clear a traffic lane in the middle of each street. If the streets are icy, regardless of accumulations, Bladerunners may apply an ice melting compound called Magic Salt to keep the streets clear.

The Hamlet does not clear sidewalks, so we ask residents to clear the sidewalk in front of and near their homes. Do not shovel snow into the street at any time as this creates additional work for the plow, creates hazardous conditions as the snow freezes, and is unfair to your neighbors if the plow pushes your snow toward their spaces!

Plowing and Snow Removal Services

It is inevitable and unavoidable that the plows will leave a bank of snow behind many cars parked on Hamlet streets. We are testing a new service from Blade Runners this year (see FAQs above) which we hope will reduce those banks left by plows.

Starting this year, we will have the same equipment on site for all snow events, which we hope will provide faster and more complete snow moving service. Generally speaking, Blade Runners will activate their service when accumulations reach 2" or more in the region. We expect streets to receive an initial plow within a few hours of the final snow falling. In larger storms, service is continuous until streets are clear.

If you are from a northern climate where accumulating snow is more frequent, please keep in mind that mid-Atlantic contractors are not necessarily equipped to handle large snow storms as efficiently or expertly as their northern counterparts. We appreciate your patience during large storms - let's get through this together!