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Reston Virginia

Fall Landscaping

Here’s a quick look at what to expect this fall/winter for landscaping and common ground maintenance:

  • At least 2 leaf removal visits – YES will remove leaf and other debris from the common ground areas.
  • Tree removal -we will have a few dead trees, including two large ones, removed. The trees are being removed due to being dead, dying or otherwise a danger to people or property. ┬áThis includes one behind homes on Briary Branch and Dry River Ct.
  • Tree trimming throughout the property (see below).

Tree Trimming

We will direct YES to trim back trees from the back-yard access areas (the common ground behind each row of homes), from sidewalks, and around street lights to an elevation of approximately 8 feet.  The goal is clear access to back yards and sidewalks, and keep our street lights visible.

Reminder – residents can not rake or blow fallen leaves (or any other debris) into common ground area & especially the parking lot! It is your responsibility to bag these per yard waste policies or contract directly with a landscaper to clear your property.

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